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Cromane Bay Shellfish is owned and managed by brothers Patrick T O’Sullivan and Joseph O’Sullivan. With a family heritage of over five generations of fishermen working and living in Castlemaine Harbour, a life at sea is in our blood. Our passion for aquaculture and experience ensures our oysters produced to the highest quality for your customers.

We love what we do… and the proof is in the produce. At Cromane Bay Shellfish we harvest ‘Crassostrea gigas’, the Irish Rock Oyster by hand and shipped to our customers in France and Holland and locally to Hotels and Restaurants across Ireland.

We take our livelihood seriously and through hard work we pride ourselves in continuing to forge our living from the sea. Our Oysters are traditionally grown and farmed sustainably to bring you a Cromane Bay Oyster that has exceptional quality and unrivaled taste.


Our Cromane Bay Oysters are grown in the clear waters of Cromane Bay in Castlemaine Harbour, a large shallow tidal estuary in Co. Kerry in the south-west of Ireland.

Rocked by the sea and kissed by the river.

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Oysters are one of the most sustainable high protein seafood on the market – providing a nutritious ethical food source, coastal employment and with the least ecological impact.

They are natural conservationists – filtering up to 50 gallons of water a day, recycling nutrients and reducing nitrogen levels making the sea cleaner for other sea life. They are also carbon eaters absorbing CO2 into their shells using it to make them stronger!

As the tide flows through our trestles Cromane Bay Oysters feast on plankton from the sea – they require no outside food or products to grow. Just what the sea has to offer. Giving our customers a fresh, natural and pure Eco-friendly product – rare in today’s world. The next time you enjoy a Cromane Bay Oyster… remember you are an eco-warrior!


What Our Customers Say

We love hearing from our customers and work hard to build long lasting client relationships.

We have been working with Patrick and his team at Cromane Bay Shellfish for many years and have always found that their focus on quality produces beautiful , meaty and delicious oysters. They are easy to work with, open and friendly. As both customers of, and suppliers to Triskell Seafood they are a pleasure to do business with.

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Company Reseau Mer we affirm that the quality and consistancy of Cromane Bay Shellfish Oysters is perfect and that is why it is always a pleasure to work with Cromane Bay Shellfish.

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